Comoy's Spectrum?
(too old to reply)
2004-12-30 19:15:00 UTC
Any knowledge of the Comoy type: "Spectrum"?

I got a couple of years ago from eBay two old Comoys with enameled
bands, one red, the other blue between two thin brass rings.
Both pipes are smooth with the old Comoy stamp, i.e. "Made in England"
written in a circle, "in" just at the origo. The fully bent billiard
has the number "215" and the straight billiard "186".

These pipes are great smokers and in despite of the former owner's
preference for strong aromatic blends I am now perfectly happy with
them, but I would like to know more about them!

I asked about these pipes perhaps a year ago without any informative
results, so I decided to ask again.

My congrats to all old Comoy owners!

-- Antti from Finland
*presently smoking Hamborger Veermaster in bent Comoy "Spectrum"
Mike Stanley
2004-12-31 13:41:04 UTC
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